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femen [Jan. 19th, 2012|03:58 pm]
Буратино Карлович Маркс

Femen20 up10 down
A mixture of feces and semen. When hardened, is stronger than diamond. Sometimes refered to as Seces.
Hobo: "My penis is covered in femen after that dirty anal sex." 

Guy: "You got femen in my peanut butter." 
Flatulent party Guest: "No, you got peanut butter in my femen!" 
Beautiful Bridesmaid: "Wait, you're BOTH right!" 

Poor Woman: "Of all the things that keep me up at night, femen is definitely the stickiest."
2.femen15 up14 down
Female sexual discharge; vaginal fluid
I went to finger her, but she was already so hot with femen that I just went ahead and fucked her brains out!
3.femen1 up7 down
The substance that is produced after man on man, or man on woman, anal sex-without a condom. Also known as: Shum.
After a night of ass rogering, I filled the toilet with femen.